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Money Transfers Order Cancels Other - Whats Order Cancels Others

What an Order Cancels Other? An order cancels another order which also known as an OCO. A foreign exchange currency trading term using two currency orders that consist of both a stop loss order and a limit order.

So when you place an Order Cancel Other trade you are actually placing two currency orders at the same time where you need to set limits and stop loss levels before you can continue. Once one of these levels are reached either or the stop loss or the limit order they will be executed straight away. Which either executed the stop or the limit. And because the other will be cancelled at the same time.

Money Transfers in Order Cancels Others?
Money Transfers in Order Cancels Others is a combination of two currency trades of stop loss and limit orders where the execution of either one automatically cancels the other.

What is an Order Cancels Other? 

What is an OCO?
( Order Cancels Other Example) For example, a business could place a One-Cancels-the-Other order or OCO. They would like to buy GBP/EUR if the market reaches 1.2402 and to sell GBP/USD if the market reaches 1.2200. So If the market hits 1.2402 before hitting 1.2200. The order to buy will be executed, and the pending order to sell will be cancelled

Money Transfers with OCO?
Money Transfers with OCO also referred as Money Transfers in Order Cancels Others can be summed up. One Order Cancel Other orders are popular currency exchange trading options orders. That will be used by anyone who wishes to get the most out of the currency markets and enables one to place both stop and limit orders. When one order placed. The other cancelled automatically. This enables traders to partake in other activities rather than constantly monitor their stock.

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