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Whats Time Option Money Transfer Contract -Time Option Contracts

What is a Time Option? Money Transfers with Time Options? A foreign exchange time option is like a forward contract with the options to execute your currency trade during the pre-defined period

This enables clients to wish to set up a currency option such as a time option to fix the currency exchange rate. For a specific period in the future when the specific Foreign exchange payment expected.

Money Transfers with Time Options are by fixing the currency exchange rate protects the Time option buyer against foreign exchange movement risks plus keeps them risk-free from future price changes.

What is a Money Transfer Time Option Contract? Unlike foreign exchange forward contract options. A time option does not specify the exact date of settlement and enables execution on any date within a previously defined period of time. The timescales for time options will be set in advance and range from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 180 days. For currency trading options such as trade options. There's a minimum amount per transaction in the value or in another currency equivalent of 30,000 sterling on average and with maximum tenor from 3 to 180 days

What is a Time Option Contract?

Best Time Option Contracts and trade options client benefits.

  • No matter if the currency conversion performed the first or the last day of the agreed time period. The client pays the same price and if range setting can be between 3 days to 180 days.
  • The possibility of hedge betting against foreign exchange risk. In case you don’t know the exact day of when you need to make your currency payment or receive currency pairs.

Cheap Time Option Contracts?

Trade options deal closing

  • Like other currency options offered by foreign exchange dealers. Currency dealings are closed by the telephone and the foreign exchange broker will request confirming terms and completing a confirmation. Containing the agreed details: type of currency, rate, amount and account number. All exchanged by email.
  • With most trade options as a protection against default risk. Agree to pay a percentage deposit upfront. To ensure the deposit is proportional to the contracted deal period. Also calculated as a percentage of the total value to exchange.

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