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How to Send Money Overseas Economically?

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People who send money abroad for the first time are often boggled by a question – ‘how can I transfer money overseas?’ It is obviously important to be aware of the right procedures and also the economical ways for money transfer.

If you are an Australian citizen residing in Great Britain and need to send money home, there are many ways to send money to Australia from UK. Money can be safely sent abroad through bank wire transfer services. However, before you choose a bank for wire transfer, it is good to refer to a foreign exchange rates comparison table.

If you wish to support a family with your earnings in UK or want to pay for property maintenance, sending 15000 GBP can give your beneficiary either a sum of 22,948 Australian Dollars or only 22, 017 Australian Dollars.

Obviously, choosing the former option makes sense. This is precisely why it is vital to refer to an updated foreign exchange rates comparison table the day you send the amount.

A prime factor that decides the exchange rate between Australian Dollars and Great Britain Sterling Pounds (or any two currencies for that matter) is the balance between demand-supply for the currencies. When the demand for GBP in the United States rises and supply does not rise correspondingly, each pound will cost more Australian dollars to buy.

Now that business in UK has crossed boundaries, millions of deals are globally concluded everyday and payments are accordingly made. These in turn collectively influence the rate of exchange.

There may be a standard official rate of exchange every day and every hour but there are huge differences in the rates offered by banks as they also need to make up for their charges and fee.

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