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How much Money Can I Transfer Overseas

options instead of using a bank

When Sending Money Overseas How much Money Can I Transfer?

When money is sent overseas through banks and money transfer services, you send the money in the local currency of your country. In the other country however, it is obviously received in its own currency.

So if you need to send money from UK to Spain, you may send a certain sum in Great Britain Pounds but when it actually reaches Spain, it will be retrieved in Euros.

If you now wonder ‘how much money can I transfer overseas’, you need to check the exchange rates to see how much money (in terms of value) you actually send overseas.

For 100,000 Great Britain Pound Sterling,

Bank A offers you 120696.99 Euros

Bank B offers you: 119123.69 Euros

Bank C offers you: 117671.11 Euros

Bank D offers you: 115852.00 Euros

In such a scenario, it makes sense to avail the services of Bank A. To ensure that you do not overlook the best foreign exchange rates offered, it is important to refer to a foreign exchange rates comparison table.

There is no need to pay more when you can send a certain amount of Euros with less of Great Britain Pound Sterling. Banks foreign exchange rates comparison is very important when you send big amounts or send money frequently.

Banks offer you a number of options to send money safely. You can send money abroad through bank wire facility, direct transfer of funds between different accounts of same bank, through bank drafts and through E cheques.

Money can be also be sent from bank through services like Pay Pal. Banks in UK now offer round the clock call centre services through which you can track the progress of your money transfer anytime, from anywhere, irrespective of your time zone.

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