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Options for sending money overseas

options instead of using a bank

If you live in the UK but have business partners or property in Australia, there are times when you have to send money to Australia from UK. You may need to send money to Australia to pay off mortgages on a property or simply to purchase a house or car. To send an amount of more than GBP 5000 you need to choose a very safe way for money transfer.

At times it may also be important to send money fast and you have to choose a service that offers the facility for instant transfer of money.

In UK, there are several options for safe and instant transfer of money at nominal rates. You can conveniently send money to Australia from UK through bank wire transfer. This is an electronic transfer of funds and is used by quite a few people in UK to send money to Australia, Europe and Asia.

Another option that you can avail to send money overseas is international money orders. This is a system that has been conventionally used to send money abroad safely. Besides postal services, some banks also offer the facility of money transfer through money orders now.

Private money transfer services like Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram also compete with banks in this age when the number of people sending money abroad has increased. These money transfer services have established their offices in more than a hundred countries and have made the transfer of money quick.

However, it is the high fee charged by these brands that deters many people from using their services. If you do not mind paying the charge to send money fast, these may be the right option for you.

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