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The Internet has transformed the way we communicate, stay in touch and also the way we do business or perform commercial transactions. A few years ago, the process of transferring money from one bank account to another was a long, cumbersome process. This was especially true when one needed to send money abroad. But mobile and net banking facilities that are now offered by banks have made it possible to send money instantly.

When you send money over the Internet, you can conveniently transfer it to another account in the overseas branch of your bank. If the person who needs to receive money overseas has an account in the same bank as yours, it becomes really convenient to send money electronically. You can also send money over the Internet to accounts of business organisations. There are no transfer charges and no commission fee involved in international transfer of money.

You may also send money online with credit card. This is possible and a very convenient way to send money abroad when your beneficiary has an add-on credit card. Sending money abroad with credit cards is a fast and cost effective process. This also allows an individual or business to take good control of money transfer.

You can send money from the UK to Australia, United States, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and India in a hassle free way when you send money online with credit card. Your beneficiary can withdraw the money in the other country and the amount gets added to your credit card bill. The money received by the beneficiary is in the local currency of the concerned country (as per the existing exchange rates) and you make a payment in your country’s currency.

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