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You Can Easily Send Money Abroad With Credit Card

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You have been using your bank credit card for shopping, booking tickets and making reservations in hotels but did you know that certain credit cards can also be used to send money abroad? If you have a child studying or living abroad, at times you may need to send money to him/her. In this age of technology, there are multiple ways to send money overseas.

Banks and money transfer services such as Western Union and Money Gram offer facilities to send money worldwide instantly. So, if you are in the UK and your child studies or works in Australia, United States, France or the Middle East, you can easily send money abroad in more ways than one.

It is simple and convenient to send money via credit card. If you have an internationally accepted credit card from your bank, then you can get an add-on card for the beneficiary.

You need to ensure that the beneficiary has at least an account in the same bank as yours. You can register the details of beneficiary online and enter the credit card number and the amount of money to be transferred.

Once a certain amount is transferred, you beneficiary use his/her card for cash advances and you pay for them as the amount will be added to your credit card bills. To send money with a credit card is quite similar to making payments via credit cards. The required amount is recorded and is debited from the credit limit of your card.

When you send money with credit card, it is received by your beneficiary in 48 to 72 hours of the transfer. Certain banks with international branches offer faster transfer of money including instant transfer of funds.

To know more about the facilities offered by your bank to send money abroad, visit:

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