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Send Money Overseas by Bank Drafts

why use a currency broker than your bank

The Internet based facilities offered by banks today have made it very easy and also quick to send money overseas. If you live in India, Srilanka, UAE, Oman or any other Asian country but purchase certain products from the UK or have business deals there, you may need to send money to the UK for different payments.

If like most others you also wonder ‘how can I send money' the good news is that there are multiple ways to send money to UK from Asian countries. There are web based banking facilities of course and also the conventional way to send money - money orders. International money orders can also be sent online. There are some people who prefer bank drafts as the best way to send money abroad.

Bank draft to send money overseas is quite similar to a cashier's check. It is however a more flexible option. You can either pay cash at bank to get a draft made for your beneficiary in the other country.

Alternatively, you can get the money debited from your account in the bank. The bank needs to be notified of the recipient's name and full address for the draft. Bank drafts are sent through postal mails or couriers and so the delivery time depends on the mailing service that you choose as also the location where the draft is to be mailed.

Bank draft facilities offered by most of the private banks in Asian countries make it simple to send money to the UK. Things are also simpler for the intended recipient - individual or organisation that needs to receives the amount.

A bank draft is like a cheque that can be deposited into the bank account of beneficiary. It can also be encashed directly.

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