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In this ear of globalisation when business deals have crossed boundaries, international tourist destinations have become more accessible and purchases from other countries have become frequent, it is obvious that money is also transferred internationally.

To pay for a property or consignment of products purchased abroad, you need to send money abroad. In a country like United Kingdom, when the money to be sent abroad exceeds GBP 5000, you do look for safe and convenient ways to send money.

Some of the methods may not be necessarily be the cheapest way to send money overseas but the instant transfer of funds makes them worth the price paid. One such service that is used by several business organisations to send money internationally is Money Gram.

Money Gram is a private money transfer service that works with its representatives and agents in more than 260,000 locations across 192 countries and territories in world. To avail the service, you can check online for the nearest Money Gram agent in your city and show him a valid proof of identity.

After this, the Money Gram form needs to be filled up with all the details about your beneficiary and the amount that needs to be sent. You then pay the amount that has to be transferred to the Money Gram agent along with the fee for money transfer. When you send money gram, you can also include a 10 word message free of charge.

The Money Gram agent then gives you a reference number that you personally pass on to the beneficiary who needs to get the money overseas. Once you send money gram, in about 10 minutes the money can be collected from a Money Gram agent in the other country. The intended recipient gets the amount in local currency as per existing exchange rates.

‘How can I send money abroad’ is a question that concerns many – to compare different alternatives with Money Gram and search for cheapest way to send money overseas, visit:

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