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Simplistic way to send money abroad

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Simplicity of Sending Money Abroad

Are you an American expatriate living in the UK? There may be times when you need to send money from UK to USA to support your family or for the maintenance of your properties abroad. Before the use of Internet for banking, sending a bank draft by postal mail or courier was considered a cheap way to send money abroad.

With its safety and convenience, this is still utilised to send money to US. However, the individuals and organisations that prefer instant transfer of funds now use online transfer of money.

Online banking facilities can be used to send money electronically and the funds are smoothly and conveniently transferred to another account in the overseas branch of your bank. If the individual or organisation that needs to receive money abroad has an account in the overseas branch of your bank, money transfer can take place immediately.

When you need to send money regularly from UK to USA and send amounts greater than GBP 5000, it is advisable for your beneficiary to have an account in the same bank as yours. This can save you extra fee and charges and is a cheap way to send money abroad.

You send money from UK to USA in Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and it is received in the US in US Dollars. The amount is converted as per the rates of exchange in the bank. There is a standard rate of exchange published everyday in the newspapers but when you transfer money through a bank where you do not have an account, there is some fee charged for the service.

It is really simple to send money from UK to USA or to any other country such as India, Pakistan, UAE, Spain, France, Germany, or South Africa. Wish to check the best services or cheap ways to send money abroad? Stay tuned to:

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