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So Who is TransferWise?

So Who is TransferWise?

TransferWise is a remittance company offering an alternative way to send money abroad rather than using your bank. By using Transferwise offer a transparent currency exchange service where as an example

On GBP to EUR remittance transfer up to £200, Transferwise will take £1.Which is 0.5% of the international money transfer amount sent.

What is TransferWise pricing?

TransferWise charge a nominal flat fee of £1.00 or the currency equivalent where after a certain threshold, there’s a 0.5% percentage instead.

Percentage fee is 0.5%. Below are the minimum fees and percentage thresholds for pricing level 1 currencies.

  • GBP - £1 flat fee on money transfers up to £200.
  • Euro - €1 flat fee on money transfers up to €200.
  • CHF - 1.50CHF flat fee on money transfers up to 300 CHF.
  • PLN - 5PLN flat fee on money transfers up to 1000 PLN
  • NOK, SEK, DKK - 10kr on money transfers up to 2000 kr.
  • HUF - 300HUF on money transfers up to 60000 HUF.
  • GEL - 2 GEL flat fee on money transfers up to 500 GEL.
  • BGN - лв 2.00 on money transfers up to лв 400

Can i pay using my debit card to send money abroad? 

TransferWise accept debit cards. You can use your debit card to pay for remittance , Once you confirm your money transfer, one of the payment options will be debit card.

Can I use TransferWise to make business international payments

You will need to register your business with TransferWise then if you want to make payments on behalf of your company and deposit from a company bank account.

Log in, click on 'Settings' and then on Business Profile. Add all relevant details about your company.
Now, in case you will be making a business payment, please make sure to choose your company name from the drop-down menu under 'Sender' and deposit funds to us from the corresponding company bank account.

To process business payments, TransferWise also need to a few documents to verify the business to be compliant for money laundering.

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