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Ways to Send Money Abroad

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How do i send money abroad

At times, you may need to send money overseas to a family member or friend. If like most others, you too wonder about how to send money abroad safely, you can rest assured that there are more ways than one. You can easily send money overseas online through banks and credit cards. You can also send money orders to transfer funds internationally.

Money orders are non-interest bearing financial instruments that are usually issued by a bank, a post office, or certain businesses such as Western Union or Money Gram. An international money order is a cheap way to send money by post. Postal departments in most of the countries including UK issue international money orders.

As per the postal regulations in different countries, there are a few restrictions with money orders. Typically, there is an upper cap for the amount of money that you can send via a money order at one go. When you send money orders, they are cashed by the recipient at a postal office or bank in the other country. On sending a money order, you should keep with yourself the carbon copy receipt of your record. That is what helps you to trace the progress of your money order.

There is a processing fee that needs to be paid when you choose money orders to send money abroad.

‘How do I send money abroad?’ is a question that baffled minds a few years ago. But technology has made it possible to safely and in some cases instantly send money abroad. Though there is a processing fee to be paid when you send money overseas, but it is not much when compared to the convenience and safety of money transfer. You can rest assured that money will be received by the intended recipient in time!

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