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It’s Really Easy to Send Money from UK

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If you have outsourced some of your business from UK to India or need to pay for raw materials, products, or services purchased from that country, it is good to know about the different ways to send money abroad. Internet has made money transfer easier and huge amounts of money cross geographical boundaries of countries everyday.

With increasing number of business deals and purchases in different parts of world, several people and organisations send money online. So if you need to send money from UK to India, there are multiple options that you can avail.

A bank wire transfer is used to send money online from one bank account to another. Even if the intended recipient does not have an account in bank, the money can be retrieved by providing sufficient proof of identity.

When you send money abroad through banks, it is also important to refer to a foreign exchange rates comparison table as the buy and sell rates for currency differ substantially for various banks in the UK.

Foreign exchange rates offered by Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, NatWest and IFX change everyday and they also have their own service charges for money transfers.

In United Kingdom, you can also use Royal Mail money orders to send money to India. Now that money orders can be sent online, the transfer of amount is quick and instant. You can send the money in UK currency – Great Britain Pound Sterling and it is received in India in Indian Rupees (INR) a per the existing foreign exchange rate. There is a small fee charged for the service when you send money online through Royal Mail money orders.

Need to compare services and charges before your send money from UK to India? Want to check foreign exchange rates comparison table? Stay tuned to:

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