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1 GBP = 1.11853 EUR
1 EUR = 0.8940 GBP

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Best Bank Exchange Rates Comparison - Compare FX Rates with Currency Lenders

Compare Bank Exchange Rates - Compare FX Rates with Currency Lenders

The following table shows comparisons between the banks and major currencies.

If you are looking to compare bank exchange rates then this is the site to see exactly what you will get. The foreign exchange rates shown on sending money home website are indicative, mid-market rates intended for information purposes only; they are not intended for trading purposes. The compare bank exchange rates table which shows an indicative foreign exchange rate for many of the high street banks and what you may save using a foreign exchange rate broker. All exchange rates shown per bank are for the purpose to get an idea of a currency transaction where the customer will need to ensure they have a bank account with the bank of their choice and until they conduct a currency trade all rates will in general, differ from these mid-market rates. There may also be fees and charges involved and when this currency table was constructed for comparing bank exchange rates was accurate at the time.

If you wish to access our foreign exchange services or find out the foreign exchange rate that will apply to any transaction please contact your relationship team or, if a new customer, open our contact page to get in touch.

You can also view historical foreign exchange rates.

Bank exchange rates comparison notes: Send money home can confirm the all rates shown on our website are for indicative purposes only and should be used as a rate guideline when buying or selling currency, All currency values on sending money home website, as of June 2010, are now sourced from a range of inter bank sources in relation to the British Pound base currency. The exchange rates are updated every 15 minutes to reflect the latest figures presented to send money home. Prior to this date, the exchange rates were obtained from the European Central Bank as per their last data available in relation to the EURO base currency. makes absolutely no warranties regarding any values on this website, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or availability.

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