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Order ICICI Travel Money Online?

How to buy ICICI travel money online?

  1. Select the type of transaction so in this case travel money
  2. Select the currency you require
  3. Select the foreign amount of currency you require
  4. It will then tell you how much it will cost
  5. Make payment and provide how you want to receive your travel money?
  6. Transaction is completed and you can collect or pick up your travel money

How much travel money can I order with ICICI? Below are the travel money transactional limits.

  • ICICI travel money transaction ICICI with Online ICICI Branch
  • ICICI Minimum order amount £200 £200
  • ICICI Maximum order amount £2,500 £2,500
  • If paying by debit or credit card £2,500 £2,500
  • Debiting an ICICI Bank UK Account Not available £2,500

Are the travel money rates the same at the branches??
Yes, the travel money rates are the same online and in a branch.

Buy ICICI Travel Money Online

What if my holiday gets cancelled?
For whatever reason such as your holiday gets cancelled or your business trip does not happen then within 30 days of placing your travel money order you are able to get a refund excluding the 2% credit card charge (if paid through Credit Card) of your payment to ICICI Bank UK Plc by informing ICICI Bank UK Plc about the cancellation.

Refunds will be made at the same exchange rate as given at the time of purchase and are subject to your holiday being cancelled to the following where other reasons will be considered. industrial actions or natural disasters, where advisory notices from the Foreign Office not to travel are given or if there is a health alert in the country of destination

How can I make payment?
Online with ICICI - where payment options to buy travel money have accepted the use of most UK issued Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards for orders up to £2,500. ICICI do not accept Electron, Visa Delta, In addition, Maestro or American Express cards.

ICICI Branch - you can buy travel money via your ICICI bank account or UK Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards for orders up to £2,500. Again ICICI do not accept Electron, Visa Delta, Maestro or American Express cards.

Buy ICICI Holiday Money Online

ICICI Bank offers competitive exchange rates for over 60 currencies and traveller's cheques in five major foreign currencies.

  • Minimum travel money order amount is £200.
  • Maximum travel money order amount online or in a branch is £2,500.
  • If paying by a credit or debit card the maximum travel money order limit is £2,500.
  • Your travel money order delivers to the residential address registered on the card or account used for payment or to the Bank UK branch selected as the delivery option. Note: for branch collection, please take your Photo ID proof (driving license or passport) with you to collect your travel money order.
  • Free next day delivery to your home for travel money orders above £700 - a fee of £5 applies to orders below £700.
  • Saturday home delivery at a charge of £0.99

If you pay by credit card, an additional fee of 2% of the order value will be charged. There are no additional charges when paying by debit card or ICICI Bank account debit.

You Have Chosen to Purchase ICICI Bank Travel Money. Before proceeding with your application please note that;

A £5.00 delivery charge applies to all orders under £500
Online orders paid by credit card will incur a 1.5% charge

Proceed with your application

Please aware that until payment made, your travel money order will not process. The points outlined above are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for ICICI Bank travel money.

Consequently, Please ensure you read their terms & conditions and see a full list of charges. In addition, On the collection of your travel money or traveller's cheques from any in-store bureaux. Also, be sure to bring at least two forms of ID. So, preferably a valid passport/drivers license and the card you used to pay for your order.

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