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Order Post Office Travel Money Online

How to buy Post Office holiday money online

  1. Select the type of transaction so in this case travel money
  2. Select the currency you require
  3. Select the foreign amount of currency you require
  4. It will then tell you how much it will cost
  5. Make payment and provide how you want to receive your travel money?
  6. Transaction is completed and you can collect or pick up your travel money

Can I order more than one currency with the Post Office? Yes, You can order more than one currency when ordering online from the Post Office based on you not exceeding the maximum travel money order value. To select more than one currency just select the tab saying “Add to order” at the bottom of the first page on the application.

How do I know what rate of exchange is being applied by the Post Office? To check the Post Office rates of exchange use their currency calculator. In addition the Post Office display the exchange rates during the ordering process.

How can I find out if there are any currency restrictions at my destination? When you go through the process of buying travel money from the Post Office they inform you of any restrictions and if this is the case may offer alternative currency options available during the ordering process.

Can I cancel my order with the Post Office? Once a travel money order has been submitted it cannot be changed. You can request a cancelation of the order but the Post Office reserves the right to apply a cancellation charge up to the value of £20 per order .

What is an on-demand branch? An on-demand branch, is where you are able to collect your travel money immediately at the counter. The Post Office have 8,000 plus branches.