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Order Sainsburys Travel Money Online

How to buy Sainsburys travel money online

  1. Select the type of transaction so in this case travel money
  2. Select the currency you require
  3. Select the foreign amount of currency you require
  4. It will then tell you how much it will cost
  5. Make payment and provide how you want to receive your travel money?
  6. Transaction is completed and you can collect or pick up your travel money

How competitive are Sainsbury's travel money exchange rates? Sainsbury's Travel Money is extremely competitive especially online and Sainsbury's offers a great exchange rate on travel money and most of the holiday money currencies. Use the Sainsbury's travel money calculator to convert your sterling into foreign currency.

How many currencies does Sainsbury's offer of travel money? Sainsbury's offer over 50 currencies to buy travel money online. Sainsbury's currencies services where over 50 travel money pairs are available to help you prepare for your trip overseas. Plus with Sainsbury's you can convert your money into cash when you get back with their Sell your unspent currency, Buy Back Plus service.

What is the Sainsburys online travel money service like? The Sainsburys online travel money service is quick and reliable for making holiday money transfers online, this is feedback from hundreds of consumers using the service.

What is Sainsburys Buy Back Plus service? The Sainsburys buyback plus service is for when you return home from holiday and you want to exchange your unused travel money at the same rate you paid for it. Sainsbury's buyback plus service where you have 31 days from the date of purchase to return your unspent currency to them, with 0% commission. Sainsbury's buyback plus service is for a one-off charge of just £3.99 per item.

Sainsbury's Travel Money Now Available Online or at selected Sainsbury's branches

Customers who are looking at getting travel money can now visit Sainsbury online or their local supermarket to buy travel money. In addition, customers who have a Nectar card scheme may be able to save a little cash when they head on holiday overseas, according to Sainsbury's Finance Travel Money.

Head of the organisation Scott Gorman pointed out that holidays can be pricey, so it is important to try to save money where you can.

He highlighted the improved rates offered to Nectar card members as an example of how people can make the most of their holiday budgets.

Mr Gorman said: "We're pleased to be able to give our customers preferential exchange rates when they use their Nectar card so that their holiday money will go a little further."

Sainsbury's Finance Travel Money explained that Nectar cardholders will receive almost €10 (£8.34) more than other customers when they charge £450.

Last month, the company advised travellers they could use the organisation's Cash Passport to allow them to take more money abroad with them.

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