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Travelex Travel Money Review

How to buy Travelex travel money online

  1. Select the type of transaction so in this case travel money
  2. Select the currency you require
  3. Select the foreign amount of currency you require
  4. It will then tell you how much it will cost
  5. Make payment and provide how you want to receive your travel money?
  6. Transaction is completed and you can collect or pick up your travel money

Will Travelex charge me for placing an order? Travelex will not charge you a travel money ordering fee. When you order your Travelex holiday money online they always supply you a full breakdown of costs which include delivery charges. These fees and charges are shown on the right-hand side of the page and you will be sent a conformation e-mail.

Can I get the same online rates in a Travelex store? Travelex online holiday money service offer a best Rate which is exclusive to online transactions only.

What methods of payment do Travelex accept? You can pay for your travel money order by using Visa or MasterCard credit cards or by debit cards and prepaid cards.

What is the minimum amount of travel money can I order? The minimum online order is £250. Smaller amounts of currency can be purchased at travelex retail locations.

Will I receive order confirmation? Travelex always send e-mail confirmation for every purchase online based on you supplying an e-mail address.

My order was successful. Why haven’t I received a confirmation e-mail? Check your junk-mail box. Refer to your e-mail settings.

Why has my order been rejected? For security reasons, Travelex is not permitted to inform you of the reason your order was rejected.