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A new survey of international airline cabin crew has revealed that British travellers have the reputation as the biggest in-flight drinkers.

According to research from travel site Skyscanner, air stewards and stewardesses have voted Brits as the nationality most likely to enjoy an alcoholic drink as part of their flying experience.

Russian holidaymakers came in second place, beaten by the 54% of Brits who like to have a stiff drink on-board their flight or in the airport before boarding.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the results is that 41% of British travellers who took part in the survey said they would book an alcohol-free flight if they were offered by airlines.

Almost a quarter of these said that the main attraction of a ‘dry flight’ was to guarantee that other drunken passengers wouldn’t spoil the experience.

Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie said: “Although British and Russian travellers might be the biggest on-board drinkers, these results are a clear sign that the popularity of alcohol-free flights is on the rise.

“It seems that travellers would prefer to forgo their favourite tipple rather than spend several hours sitting next to someone who has had one too many.”

Perhaps surprisingly, it seems that the younger generations are amongst the most conservative in their attitudes and are the group most strongly in favour of banning alcohol on flights.

British holidaymakers aged 18-24 emerged from the study as the biggest supporters of no alcohol flights and only 18% of them claimed to enjoy in-flight drinking.

However, the group most strongly against the idea of being denied an in-flight drink were holidaymakers from the North East regions.

The issue has been brought under the spotlight by the recent call from Russian officials for a full scale alcohol ban on all flights to prevent drunken behaviour on board commercial airlines.

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