Eiger FX is a trading name of Eiger Foreign Exchange Limited

Margin Rate: 0.7%
Minimum Transfer: 500
Transaction Fees: 0
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated

EigerFX Ltd is a trading name of Eiger Foreign Exchange Limited where they offer Best Price Guarantee. Find a better quote elsewhere on your exchange rate and EigerFX money transfer services promise to beat it.

Eiger Foreign Exchange Ltd Spot Rate.
Same and next day delivery. Take advantage of our banking relationships to secure the best rate of exchange on your transactions. So, Mix these SPOT transactions with our other products as part of your overall hedging strategy.

EigerFX Foreign Exchange Orders.
Market Order – Target a rate that automatically fills when the market moves to your desired point. This allows you to harness gains without the need to constantly check the exchange rate.

Stop Loss – Protect yourself against adverse market movements 24/5. Your trade will automatically fill if the market drops to your worst-case rate. In order to avoid any intolerable exchange rate losses.

EigerFX Foreign Exchange Forwards.
Fixed Dated – For when funds need to be delivered on a specified date in the future. Fixed dated forwards priced more sharply than flexible forwards.
Flexible – when you need to take delivery of funds, perhaps multiple times, within a pre-determined window of time.

Eiger Foreign Exchange Limited

How it works with EigerFX

  1. Sign Up and open an account
    Signing up online literally takes no more than 2 minutes to complete and once completed absolutely no obligation or cost.

  2. Create a Currency Strategy.
    Once your account opened and details verified and assigned a personal EigerFX currency dealer. They will contact you to find out your requirements and create a bespoke currency strategy. So no matter if it's sophisticated or just a simple one-off currency purchase. They will listen to your currency exchange requirements. And then offer your international payment solution based on any risk exposure and a price that beats high street banks.

  3. Book a Currency Trade
    When you are ready to make a payment or hedge your currency risk. Just log in to EFX Connect or call your currency exchange dealer to book and confirm an order.

  4. Send the Funds
    Once booked the next step is to send the funds to EigerFX segregated client account held in leading UK banks. Also, Your currency dealer will confirm the beneficiary account details.

  5. Initiate Currency Order
    EigerFX international payments platform take your order and go to the world’s currency markets. Where they execute on your behalf. To arrange for the purchase of currency to be forwarded to your chosen beneficiary. Via the fastest payment channels available. If over £5000 at no extra cost to you.

  6. Funds Arrive
    Funds will then arrive at your or your chosen beneficiary account. With same day or next day payment depending on timezones and what time each currency market closes. But on average the whole process is done within one business day.

Product Features

  • Banks offering International Payments: Banks offering International Payments
  • Buy Holiday Money Online: Buy Holiday Money Online
  • Cash Payments: Cash Payments
  • Make Instant Payments Under £1000: Make Instant Payments Under £1000
  • One off Large Currency Transactions: One off Large Currency Transactions
  • Remittance Providers in the UK: Remittance Providers in the UK
  • Send Regular Transfers Overseas: Send Regular Transfers Overseas
  • Commission Rate: Free%

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