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Travel Money Comparison Site says Budapest top UK attraction

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With the hot weather upon us, millions of UK holidaymakers are planning a holiday in the sun? With new destinations now hitting the top chart like Budapest becoming the top UK holidaymakers attraction.

The Post Office International Payment Providers research found that the capital of Hungary. Offered the best cheapest place to go costing just £134.76 for meals, 2 nights of accommodation, transport and some additional factors.

A similar trip to New York came out at £406.47. Where the same purchases would have set you back a massive £541.23. The most expensive EU city was Copenhagen costing up to £440.45 per person. There are massive price variations across Europe and not just in the eurozone meaning holidaymakers in the UK. Can make their sterling stretch even further if they choose cheap destinations such as Budapest as stated by Travel Money Comparison Site.

Travel Money Comparison Site

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: “Rising prices in most of the cities we surveyed. Combined with the falling value of sterling, make it more important than ever to check prices for key items like meals. Drinks and sightseeing before booking as these are costs that most cities break tourists cannot avoid.

Making the most of your travel money often means securing the best exchange rate. To ensure that your funds stretch as far as possible. Whilst it is difficult to avoid, you can reduce your exchange rates and interest rates by taking cash before you go. Avoid buying cash at the airport because it’s often the most expensive route. Debit and credit card issuers tend to add on significant interest rates. And exchange rates so you might want to avoid using them as well. You could always opt to buy online using Travel Money Comparison Site.

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