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Money Laundering Prepaid Money Cards

options instead of using a bank

Money Laundering Prepaid Money Cards as Drug lords and organised crime are using currency exchange. As a way for laundering money especially prepaid cards which dispense cash from ATM's. With the inland revenue and customs and excise close as many loopholes to stop drug cartels and organised crime bosses being able to move cash.

But now these exact same criminals are now using the arsenal the inland revenue. And customs and excise have put in place. Cash is still a legal tender and many places will take cash as a loading factor for prepaid money cards and money currency cards. Due to this factor, many criminals now loading thousands of these cards. But on multiple prepaid money cards and drawing the money from any ATM making it as clean as if it was given to you by the inland revenue.

Money Laundering Prepaid Money Cards

Consequently, withdrawing the cash mainly used to pay for the supporting staff, bribes. Entertainment and travelling expenses. But some of the signals easy to spot as only this year alone 6000+ cardholders. Have requested a replacement 4 or more times. And 100 of these cardholders issued more than 10 (er hello alarm bells).

While cash will remain the preferred currency, criminals and drug dealers will exchange prepaid cards. Or currency card for stolen merchandise for drugs also as Identification not required to use gift cards. Or Non-KYC prepaid money cards under £800 loaded per year. And it is legal to use another person's prepaid money card with permission.

Organised crime and drug dealers will buy currency cards for about half the amount loaded onto the prepaid money card. From there, people use the cash to buy drugs, food and alcohol.

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