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HM Revenue & Customs Says Use IFX

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HM Revenue & Customs Regulated foreign exchange brokers who are assigned a registration number and are required by law to display this

No matter what the reason for transferring money abroad, you should look to secure the best foreign exchange rate possible. Also, By using Exchange Foreign you can get a much better exchange rate than your banking branch.

On an average foreign exchange transfer of £100,000. You could be saving more than £3000 and that's not including transfer charges


For a free, no obligation quotation on exchange quotes over £5000 complete the exchange foreign form. So, To your right and one of our personal account managers will come back to you. With the best advice on sending your money abroad.

Tom Barbel says: It has been a relief and a pleasure to deal with a company which takes the term 'personal service' to its highest limit. Throughout my queries in transferring my money across for the house purchase in Spain. The dealing team at IFX have been clear, concise and professional. The money arrived safely and I am now looking forward to the final move to Spain to settle in a warmer climate! Thank you IFX.

Monica Reece says: Sending regular transfers to my daughter in Australia through IFX. Also, Has been simple and hassle-free and has allowed me to save a small amount on every monthly transaction. At this rate, the savings I am making could accumulate to buying me a ticket to go. And visit my daughter. Hence, Thank you IFX... I will be sure to mention you to any friends looking to transfer money internationally!

HM Revenue & Customs Says Use IFX

Edward Sherwell said: I have just completed my first transaction with your company and I cannot praise highly enough the efficiency, courtesy and customer care given by your team. I have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future, I have made other transfers with other companies in the past, however, yours has surpassed all their efforts.

Susan Harmen said.Thank you very much for your outstanding service over an extended period of time in keeping us informed. And educated on the currency market. Thanks to your market watch and reports we were able to achieve a favourable exchange rate and save some money. Also, The whole transfer process was simple and easy and I will be using your services again.

Warwick Davies says: Wow, what a fantastic service. As I was emigrating and wanted to get the most value for my pounds I talked to a few foreign exchange specialists to compare. And without a doubt, IFX was the best. So, Not only did I get the best rate available but the paperwork was kept to a minimum. And I could always pick up the phone and get straight through to someone who was willing to help me. So, Excellent service and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mr and Mrs Drummond I would like to thank the team at IFX for helping me make the most in transferring my sterling savings into euros. I was a little worried initially about handing over such a large sum of savings to a third party. But they have made the whole transfer process smooth and stress-free. Hence, I will definitely be recommending IFX to all my colleagues and clients. And look forward to using them myself again in the near future.

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