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Send money transfer services in the UK

why use a currency broker than your bank

You may be living in the UK but at times you may have to send money abroad. Visits to international destinations for and dealings with vendors. And business people located outside your own country have increased in the recent years. You too may have a child or family member studying or working in another country. It may be necessary to send money abroad as a loan or financial help.

Alternatively, you may have to send money internationally to make payments for a purchase or business deal. Several people send money to Australia from the UK. Money may also be sent to other countries including Spain, France, USA, India, or the Middle East.

The good news is that the banks and other money transfer services in the UK. Now have simple procedures to send money worldwide. There are facilities for safe and instant transfer of money at nominal rates. Several banks also allow their customers to send money abroad to linked banks without any fee. These 'linked banks' are typically the overseas branches of the same banking group.

When you and the person to whom you want to send the money to, have accounts in the same bank. The international transfer of money from the UK does not cost you a pound!

Free bank account transfer service is the best way to send money abroad for people who:

  • Need to send regular cash to family members living overseas
  • Need to make monthly payments for services in a house abroad

Besides free bank account transfers, there are several other ways to send money internationally. For more information on banks that help you to conveniently transfer money abroad, visit:

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