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Send Money Abroad Through Banks

Online banking is very common now. You can pay your bills, access records of your previous banking transactions and can also send money abroad through net banking facility. If you have purchased a property abroad and need to make a huge payment, it is obviously not feasible to physically carry cash to another country.

But online banking does make it feasible to send money abroad. Transferring funds between accounts of same bank is also the cheapest way to send money abroad. Also called online remittance by some banks, transfer of funds is very convenient for frequent or regular transfer of money.

If the person or organisation that needs to receive money does not have account in the same bank as yours, you can still send money online through telegraphic wire transfers, cheques and demand drafts. These services however are chargeable and this is why online remittance is considered the cheapest way to send money abroad.

When you use net banking to send money online, it is also essential to use the service carefully. Your net banking password ought to be long and strong enough to prevent misuse of your account.

You should also erase out all cookies after logging out from your online banking session, especially if you use a shared computer.

Besides services of banks to send money abroad, you may also consider using private money transfer services such as Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram.

These may not be the cheapest way to transfer money abroad but the convenience of a quick service makes them a good option at times. Money Gram and Western Union Money Transfer have their offices in all prominent cities of countries like USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and India.

How can I transfer money overseas is a question that does concern many and if you still wish to compare methods to send money abroad,


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