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Fastest Growing Currencies? Croatia Comes Up Top

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If you're looking to find the Fastest Growing Currencies? Then Croatia Comes Up Top.

Brits travelling long haul should consider heading to destinations including Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The latest research revealing the best-priced countries for travel money shows.

The new ‘Long Haul Report’ by Post Office Travel Money published. The conclusions of its latest survey on prices across leading holiday destinations worldwide.

According to its figures, currently, the cheapest long-haul destination is Mauritius then Sri Lanka. With prices down by a third. The drop in prices has made Sri Lanka 38% cheaper than Thailand. Which is its nearest rival on the list of long-haul value?

Consequently, these two Asian countries are closely followed by Vietnam and Mexico. Also considered ideal destinations for budget-conscious travellers.

Further drops in value include South Africa’s prices, where prices fell by 27% after the World Cup. And Orlando in the US, which is 29% cheaper than Miami.

Fastest Growing Currencies

European bargain destinations

On top of this, a recently published version of the ‘Fastest Growing Currencies’ report. (Also from Post Office Travel Money). Showed that Croatia has trumped its European rivals for the third year running in the race to attract UK tourists.

Along with Iceland and Switzerland. Croatia’s currency was one of only three ‘hotspot’ European destinations to feature in the June-August 2011 growth top ten.

As the report reveals, the Croatian Kuna sales for June-August 2011 were 54% higher than purchases of the Bulgarian Lev. As a result, Croatia (no.7) has moved well ahead of Bulgaria (no.9) in the main bestsellers list.

The Croatian Kuna was the only currency to have featured in the annual Post Office. ‘Fastest Growing Currencies’ table for the past three years. This year moving up to fourth place after a 15% sales increase for June-August 2011 compared with last summer.

If you wish to travel even cheaper. Travel money cards are always a good idea if you want to use your money wisely during your holidays.

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