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Get more value for your money when buying currency

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In these times of economic turmoil it is more important than ever that we look for ways of saving money and making sure that we get the best value. When doing the weekly supermarket shop shoppers around the country are actively seeking out the best deals in order to cut down on what they spend each week. By hunting for the best buys and taking advantage of various offers shoppers are finding that they can drastically reduce their weekly spend and can do so without compromising too much on quality.

Buying currency is no different!

It is so easy to just rely on your friendly high street bank to take care of your currency requirements and many people take it for granted that this is the easiest and most cost effective way. It isn't!

Here at OmnisFX , we help our clients to get more for their dollar or pound or Euro and we can help you save up to 2% when compared with a high street bank. Opening an account with OmnisFX is very easy and hassle free and the actual dealing process is also very straightforward. Our philosophy is really quite straightforward...... keep things simple , affordable and hassle free!

If you need to get your currency to its destination quickly then it's also worth noting that OmnisFX can offer same day transfers on EUR,USD,GBP,CHF and Canadian Dollars!

If you have any currency requirements planned , now or even at a future date , please feel free to give our dealers a call. We are happy to provide comparative prices and hopefully this will give you an idea of the potential savings on offer.

Call us on 0203 328 0611 or visit our website ,

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