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how to send money abroad

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Sending Money Abroad Is Simple

Making international payments for business deals was a complicated and time consuming procedure about a decade back. But thanks to convenience of online banking and flexible polices of banks, it is now possible to send money abroad very easily. You may need to send money overseas for any of the following reasons:

  • Payment to a business vendor
  • A business that you need to start or develop
  • Gifts and donation to charities and NGOs
  • Education of a child
  • Financial help for relatives or friends

If you are wondering as to ‘how to send money abroad safely’ and in time, there are several options that are offered by banks. To send money to UK from India, resident Indians can use International Outward Remittances at Nationalised banks. International Outward Remittances are meant to transfer money to a beneficiary situated outside the country. For resident Indians, there are two popular options to send money abroad: through wire transfer/ transfer through SWIFT and through a foreign currency demand draft.

For those who really want to send money overseas urgently, bank wire transfers do prove helpful. They are immediate transfers from one bank to another. The payments are also very certain because banks only send money if the sender has available funds, and it is difficult for the sender to pull the money back. When you send money abroad through bank wire transfer, the transferred funds are considered cleared immediately when received. At times, it may take a while for the receiving bank to show the proceeds in the recipient’s account, but the money does move quickly.

Sending money abroad is simple and safe, when you are well aware of your bank’s policies and the numerous facilities it offers for international movement of money. For more information on ways to send money abroad, visit:

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