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Major currencies have been fluctuating

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Latest Currency News Around the World.
Major currencies have been fluctuating over the past few weeks following various defining events lately. From the Trump inauguration to the initiation of the Brexit process, the USD, Sterling Pound and Euro have seen their fair share of inflation and deflation, in the latest currency news.

In the week ending 28 January 2017, President Trump hosted Theresa May for trade talks against the backdrop of the sterling plummeting slightly, prior to her visit.

Plummeting Sterling sees a rise in Travel Prices.
The Sterling Pound has seen a sharp slump against the US dollar and Euro over the past few hours, just three days to the end of January. British travelers are crying foul over the rise in travel prices as the fall in value means travelers have to part with £1 more for every Euro. After witnessing a six-week high against the US dollar, financial experts suggest the decline could be due to the uncertainty concerning Brexit.

The UK parliament is yet to debate on the process of Brexit and the anxiety is causing concern among investors, thus the sharp decline of the Sterling Pound.

Theresa May met President Trump on Friday 27, January, and any trade deal between the two could see sterling gaining ground again.

Dollar stagnated in Trump's first week.
Since Trump’s election in November 2016, the USD witnessed an all-time high with financial analysts attributing this sharp rise to Trump’s sound economic policies. Investors were hopeful considering that Trump is a shrewd businessperson with various successful investments. However, his remarks just weeks to his inauguration has not gone down well with investors and this has seen the dollar stagnating against its major rivals. It has fallen against the Japanese Yen and the Sterling Pound is doing very well against the Dollar.
Trump’s insistence on building a wall along the US-Mexico border has not made anything better for the US dollar. In an interview with ABC Network, Trump confirmed that the wall would be built in months. Additionally, a meeting scheduled between Mexican President and Trump saw a cancellation in the last minute by the former, following pressure from Mexico’s opposition figures. This has also seen the Mexican Peso go down by 1.2% against the dollar.

Presumtive US - Euro Ambassador causes Euro Panic.
European countries are in panic mode following alarming remarks by the presumptive US-Euro ambassador, Prof. Ted Malloch that the Euro currency could collapse in the next 18 months. Prof. Malloch, a shrewd businessperson, and vociferous Brexit supporter made the remarks during an interview with BBC on 25 January 2017. Additionally, President Trump has not hidden his support for Brexit and he is quoted as having said it would be hard to keep all the 19 Euro countries together any much longer. “I believe other will leave,” added Trump.

Both President Trump and Prof. Malloch support a “clean” British-US Free Trade deal that could come to fruition in less than ninety days. The British PM is already in the US for a beginning of talks and analysts say that any indication of a deal could see both the Sterling Pound and USD gaining against the Euro.

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