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Sterling posts biggest loss versus USD

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With sterling posting its biggest weekly drop since November 2011,it could be an opportune time for dollar sellers to capitalize! After the dizzy heights of 1.5992 ( February ) there are certainly some gains to be made. For example;

Anyone looking to sell $100,000.00 into GBP @ 1.5992 would have returned £62,531.26. With current exchange rate around 1.57 that $100,000.00 would now return £63,694.26!

That's an extra £1163.00 in your pocket!

Fluctuating markets can make a huge difference and there are ways in which OmnisFX can help to protect you from adverse market movements.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts allow the client to agree an exchange rate for their currency and fix it for up to 24 months. Clients are asked for an agreed deposit to secure the rate. The client then has access to their funds at the fixed rate given on entry at any time. This is ideal for a variety of property transactions.



A hot tub distributor in the UK buys stock from the US to resell in the UK. The company had previously used their bank to transfer funds as and when required. As the sale price agreed with the retail outlets is fixed this left the company exposed to fluctuating exchange rates and as a result played havoc with profits and cash flow..


During the review, it was recognised that invoices were paid quarterly and as the business is well established, the transaction amounts can be predicted with a good degree of accuracy. Using this information along with the cyclical nature of the business it was decided to use a forward contract to fix the rate over the course of the year. In doing so the profit margin could be accurately predicted and cash flow properly managed.

Limit orders

If you only wish to exchange your funds at a specified rate, your account manager can monitor the market and buy the currency at the level agreed.

Stop orders

Stop orders can be used to protect against the exchange rate moving adversely. It can also be used to allow clients to lock in a worst case scenario while holding out for a better rate

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