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Trump Considers Tax Credit To Give Public Money To Private Schools

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Trump Considers Tax Credit To Give Public Money To Private Schools

To fulfill the promise Trump made during his campaign, a federal tax credit proposal has been reviewed by the white house. In this proposal, Trump’s administration is considering the first federal tax credit scholarship program which is aimed at giving billions to families from working class to make it possible for their kids to attend religious schools and private schools too.

This idea will see the expansion of vouchers that would enable low earning households to pay their children’s fees in private schools using public money and also promote the expansion of charter schools. Trump told the parents during a meeting with the parents at the White House that he wants every unfortunate American child no matter where they leave or despite their background, to have a choice of the schools they go to.

But usually, every idea has critics from both the positive and negative side whereby the public school advocates claim that the process is done in a more complex way and in a less direct mechanism. The critics say that this program is only going to divert tax dollars from struggling public schools.

The positive side of the criticism has worries that the plan by the president would increase the role of the federal government in education. It would also bring enormous pressure to states to conform to state tax credit programs. This decision will lead to nonprofits organizations to give first priority to particular schools like ones supported by a certain religion.

At the moment, the White House has not responded to questions on the tax credit proposal neither it status. The plan, therefore, remains unknown on its details of how Trumps administration might structure.

It is not clear whether a federal program would reduce tax credits given to donors and residents in states that have already put in place their own tax credit programs with an infrastructure to support those. Otherwise, this could provide states without such programs money to create them.

The National Coalition for Public Education also argues that it is not going to be possible to account for tuition money from tax credits awarded to private schools including public schools. Stateline reported that states have had to take action to make up for a decline in revenue. Alabama once puts aside $40 million in its budget to absorb the anticipated loss from the tax credits.

DeVos who is the secretary in the Trumps plan of federal tax proposal confessed to having liked the plan also pointed out to Florida’s tax credit scholarship program as one of her greatest achievements before being mentioned as Trump's cabinet. She was on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education founded by former Florida government Jeb Bush.

The nonprofit Step Up for Students, which aid in administering Florida’s program, reports that it has helped more than 97,000 students. The scholarships, for low and middle-income students, are worth nearly $6,000 each. Approximately 70% of students who have received those scholarships Hispanic or black and more than 1,700 private schools participate in the program.

A recent state report shows that approximately 80 % of students in Florida use funds from the scholarships to go to religious schools across the US, most of them coming from large urban districts. The report also says that about a quarter of the participating students are from Miami-Dade County public schools, the fourth-largest school district in the country.

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