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About World First

World First was launched in 2004. In a little over 10 years, they've grown from a single London operation into a global business with offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Washington, and Austin (TX). They've expanded the range of currencies they can support and broadened their licensing footprint meaning they've been able to help tens of thousands of clients around the world. In 2008, World First—through its subsidiary World First Markets Ltd—started to offer the option and derivative hedging structures. Since 2004 it has transferred over £60bn for 70,000 customers.


World First offers foreign exchange and payment services to personal and business customers. Both are offered the opportunity to use spot, forward, limit and stop loss orders. In addition to foreign exchange transactions, World First can also process overseas payments and offers regular market analysis and an online platform for regular customers.


World First is UK FCA regulated.

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