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Euro Exchange Rates – High volatility remains

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As expected, Euro exchange rates are showing high volatility on the currency markets, and such situation will continue in the time ahead. Today EUR exchange rate rise against US dollar, but that growth could be very short-lived, as Euro-zone economic outlook remains cloudy. Since there is no clear statement from the European Central Bank that rates will remain stable and with the high risk for debt-crisis contagion in the Eurozone there is no real reason for investors confidence.The only thing working for the Euro exchange rate right now are efforts from Swiss and Japanese national banks to lower the value of their national currencies.

Because of that European Union will have to increase its efforts to contain debt crisis, possibly with bond purchase from the European Financial Stability Facility,although the European Central Bank spokeswoman already announced that it would provide very limited help, if any whatsoever, to Spain and Italy, specifically noting that it would not start to purchase Spanish or Italian bonds.

Efforts from Swiss National Bank and Bank of Japan, together with the equally volatile US dollar, a possible downgrade of the US and periphery European Union nations debt ratings will keep Euro exchange rate very volatile against the all major currencies in the time ahead, so caution is advised for all the investors.

In the time of writing this report European currency exchange rates are:
1 Euro can be bought for 1.4295 US dollars, 112.08 Japanese Yens and 1.0954 Swiss Francs.