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Investors are concerned about the debt crisis in the euro zone

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The eurozone debt crisis is still the top concern and almost all the investors are looking to reallocate cash investments to combat inflation.

A survey was conducted and the results showed that 78 percent cite the eurozone debt crisis to be the biggest global macroeconomic challenge concerning investors.

How do the investors handle the situation?

The most popular asset class for investors when advising on asset allocation is still the emerging markets. 46 percent encourage to increase their exposure, Asian equates are followed with 37 percent and multi-assets funds at 31 percent.

Investors are concerned about debt in the eurozone

Rod Aldridge, the head of UK Retail Distribution at Barings commented that though the second banking bailout crisis is expected, he is still positive. Why? Because the investors continue to place such a great emphasis on diversification of assets in order to navigate these uncomfortable levels of volatility. He also added: We have certainly witnessed an improved appetite for specialist fixed-income vehicles, as investors look for diverse ways to manage their risk/return profile.

Latest Euro Foreign Exchange Rates?

One UK pound sterling exchange 1.14600 per euro at 04:46 GMT today, while one pound will buy 1.63770 US dollars.

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