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send money to Pakistan from UK

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Easy Ways To Send Money To Asia

You do live in the UK but at times you may have to send money from the UK to India, UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka or other countries.

The expats from Asia working in the United Kingdom often send money home to families and friends and also for maintenance of a property in their country. Online facilities provided by banks in UK have made it possible to send money fast, at times within minutes.

You can easily send money from UK to India, and can send money to Pakistan or any other Asian country. Internet enabled banking facilities make it possible to send money conveniently, electronically and directly.

Customer for a bank can use its net banking facilities to send money electronically and the required funds are instantly transferred to another account in the overseas branch of the bank.

When the person or organisation that needs to get money abroad has a saving banks account in the same bank as yours, the transfer of money takes place immediately.

Transfer of funds over the Internet is also the best way to send money overseas when large payments need to be made between business organisations.

There are no big charges and no commission fee involved for transfer of funds between accounts of same bank. It is therefore the cheapest way to send money for many business organisations and individuals.

Online money transfer between banks and transfer of money through bank wires are not only some of the fastest ways to send money abroad but also the most suitable.

You can send the money from UK to India in Pound Sterling and your beneficiary receives it in local currency – Indian Rupees. The amount received is as per the exchange rate in effect at the time of transfer.

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