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Send Money to Slovakia

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Currency for Slovakia.

The Euro (€) = 100 cents is the main currency used and accepted throughout europe. Although some countries operates their own currency they all accepts the euro. Notes are in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500. Coins are in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, and €1 and €2.

Need to send money to Slovakia?

Typical time for transfer to arrive: Either same day (Swift Payment) or 2 days (SEPA Payment) when sent through Currency broker

Slovakian bank charges: Usually none, although use a SEPA payment to make sure

Payment details needed:

**- Name of Beneficiary (and address if you have it)**
**- Name of Slovakian Bank (and address if you have it)**
**- IBAN (International Bank Account Number)**
**- BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT code**

The IBAN includes various codes, like your branch and account numbers, and is the standard system for sending Euro payments across Europe. Slovakian IBANs have 24 characters, starting with 'SK' followed by 22 characters, and can usually be found on your bank statement or other paperwork, along with your BIC or SWIFT code.

There are further technical details below, although the Currency brokers payments team will take care of ensuring payment details are in the correct format before initiating any payments on your behalf.


*B = Bank Code*
C = Account No.
k = Check Digits*

Slovakian BIC or SWIFT code Format: BBBBCCLL or BBBBCCLLDDD

B = Bank Code (Only Letters)
C = Country Code 'SK' (Only Letters)
L = Location Code (Letters & Digits)
D = Branch Code Optional ('XXX' for Head Office - Letters & Digits)

Use our comparison website Send Money Home to see who can assist you in your currency exchange see which company ticks all the boxes when it comes to sending your money to Slovakia. There are so many companies available but ensure you are getting the best currency exchange rate and are offering no money transfer fees over 5000 to 10,000.

Receiving and Sending money home to the Slovakia is easy just choose which company you want to use and complete the online application form. Once submitted you may need to provide conformation of ID. This is standard and is a requirement by the Inland Revenue and the FSA to confirm who you are and to protect your money. Once your account is opened you can then confirm a currency rate and transfer funds. It all sounds like it will take time but in fact in an account can be opened in 10 minutes if you have your passport and proof of ID with you.

Ensure you get the best rate, remember you are not the expert they are so ask as many questions as you need getting expert advice all the way.

All of the currency providers listed on Send Money Home Website have been carefully vetted by, All currency providers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and operate segregated client accounts. When you need to send money to the Slovakia consider using one of these companies and save money compared to using your high street bank.

Sending International Payments to Slovakia?

If you need to transfer money to Slovakia, taking time to find the best transfer option can see you save money and ensure your money transfer arrives safely and in good time to Slovakia. When you click the ‘Open an Account / Get a Quick Quote’ button, you will be directed to the currency providers website where you need to open an account before you can send money to the Slovakia.

Most peoples first thought of making an international transfer is immediately by using their high street bank. Where your bank does a transfer to Slovakia in most cases its based on the the account holder having an account so it can be done rather easily.

Banks exchange rates are uncompetitive meaning you are getting fewer euros or the currency you are after for your money. There is definitely room for improvement on the exchange rates by looking on Send Money Home.

Furthermore significant transferring costs banks charge to Slovakia via sending and receiving banks will be charged a fee for every transfer you make, by using send money home this cost can be reduced or even avoided by using another transfer option.

Another option you could take is using a money sending bureau to do the transfer. Going to a money sending bureau can see you make your money transfers to Slovakia quickly however it comes at a high expense. They will charge you up to 15% to make the transfer and can offer you an appalling rate of exchange. Again, not an ideal way to transfer money when it comes to cost.

The ideal money transfer solution is to use a foreign exchange company. A foreign exchange company can meet the needs of people wishing to transfer money internationally cheaply and efficiently. Foreign exchange companies offer better exchange rate that will beat your bank and money sending bureau and they charge low fees for doing your transfer!

Send Money Home are a trusted foreign exchange broker comparison website and are highly experienced in providing information and specialists that can transfer money to Slovakia. Send Money Home can even find you a secure taliored online payments system where you can make your transfers from the convenience of your own home!