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Currency for Thailand - BIC or SWIFT code Format

options instead of using a bank

The Baht (THB ) = 100 satang is the main currency in Thailand. Notes are in denominations of Bt10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Baht. Coins are in denominations of Bt 10, 5 and 1, 50 and 25 Satang.

The IBAN includes various codes. Like your branch and account numbers, and is the standard system for sending payments across Europe. Thailand does not have IBAN data. (IBAN is in Europe only.) Thailand operates by BIC codes and can usually be found on your bank statement along with your SWIFT code.

There are further technical details below. Although the currency providers will take care of ensuring payment details are in the correct format before initiating any payments on your behalf.

Typical time for transfer to arrive? 1 to 2 working days when sent through Currency Broker.

Thai bank charges? Usually, none, although we cannot guarantee this.

Thailand BIC or SWIFT code Format

Payment details needed:

  • Name and Address of Beneficiary.
  • Name and Address of Thai Bank.
  • Account Number.
  • BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT code (optional) or other routing instructions.

The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT code are made up of 8 or 11 characters and should mirror the following format;

Thailand BIC or SWIFT code Format: BBBBCCLL or BBBBCCLLDDD

B = Bank Code (Only Letters)
C = Country Code ‘BG’ (Only Letters)
L = Location Code (Letters & Digits)
D = Branch Code Optional (‘XXX’ for Head Office – Letters & Digits)

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Receiving and Sending money

Receiving and Sending money home to Thailand is easy just choose which company you want to use and complete the online application form. Once submitted you may need to provide confirmation of ID. This is standard and is a requirement for the Inland Revenue and the FSA to confirm who you are and to protect your money. Once your account opened you can then confirm a currency rate and transfer funds. It all sounds like it will take time but in fact, an account opened in 10 minutes if you have your passport and proof of ID with you.

Ensure you get the best rate, remember you are not the expert they are so asking as many questions as you need getting expert advice all the way.

All of the currency providers listed on Send Money Home Website have been carefully vetted by, All currency providers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FCA) and operate segregated client accounts. When you need to send money to Thailand consider using one of these companies and save money compared to using your high street bank.

Do you need to send money to Thailand? When you click the ‘Open an Account / Get a Quick Quote’ button.  Directed to the currency providers website where you need to open an account before you can send money to Thailand.

Bank-to-Bank transfers to Thailand

Bank-to-Bank transfers to Thailand? If you have a bank account in the country you are Thailand. Also, your recipient (or you) have a bank account in Thailand then you should send the money directly to their account but be prepared to pay a hefty transfer fee, which will be deducted per transaction.

Sending cash to Thailand? If your recipient doesn't have a Thai Baht account then you may be better off using a cash transfer service. Thailand is a big place and there are a few fairly common suppliers in most Cities and large towns. One problem with cash transfer services is that the exchange rate they offer can be extremely uncompetitive making them very expensive. Not all cash transfer services are properly regulated so it may be potentially risky as well.

Banks will normally be fairly expensive. Normally charging a per-transfer fee as well as offering a fairly uncompetitive exchange rate on the Baht. Additionally, they may well pass on fees charged by the recipient bank in Thailand. You should always contact your bank and get a quote that is inclusive of all fees, commissions and payments. And ask them how long the transfer will take as often they will hang on to the money for several days.

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