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Azimo Money Transfer Services

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Azimo offers an online currency exchange service where you can Instantly transfer money internationally. Azimo offers an easy way to send money.

The word Azimo is derived from Swahili translating to the word help’, Azimo is an online money transfer system that offers instant alternatives to sending money internationally, for business or to their family and friends anywhere in the world. Azimo is a UK-based company as well as the website and offers a mobile app.

Azimo can help you send money to anyone anywhere in the world. Not only do Azimo send money anywhere they transfer at around 80% cheaper than other currency transfer platforms and Azimo online model makes sending money easily. Azimo can send money to over 190 countries where they don't do shops. Or agents. Azimo ONLY operates online so they can save you the maximum amount of money. Azimo is up to 85% cheaper than the High Street Banks and Online Money Transfer companies.

Azimo International Money Transfer Services

How much does it cost to use Azimo?
Azimo fees for each transfer are calculated individually. Where they show you the exact cost breakdown, so you know exactly how you’re spending your money before you send it. You’ll be charged approximately one percent of the transaction value, up to a maximum of £15, and £5 if you're sending less than £500

Where can I send money?
You can send money almost anywhere in the world, and our network is expanding all the time. You can send directly to a bank account, mobile phone, home address, or your recipient can pick up the money at one of our 150,000 payout locations around the world.

What kind of information do I need to provide in order to send money?

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account and press 'Send money now'

  3. Fill in the required fields

  4. This will show you the information that you need.

Why is Azimo so cheap?
Unlike high street banks and other currency exchange services, Azimo only works online and on mobiles. This cuts the need for expensive offices and branches, slashing costs. Azimo charges about 85% less than high street banks offering the same service.

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