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Caxton FX Currency Exchange Review

Currency exchange process

Caxton FX currency business has grown from strength to strength by believing in giving unbiased guidance to every client and helping them get the best value from their exchange. Unlike our competitors, none of our CaxtonFX sales staff is paid commission as they believe that this ensures the customer is served correctly and that they receive excellent value for each and every transaction.

Caxton FX is a foreign exchange company that sets itself apart by offering excellent value for money and great customer service. From regular bill payments overseas to one of the international bank transfers, FastPay is suitable for your personal foreign money transfer needs. Caxton FX FastPay offers competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees for transfers plus Caxton FX FastPay is a fast and secure online payment system that allows you to make an international payment, fee-free.

About CaxtonFX
The team that makes it all happen has integrity, commitment and above all, a desire to help. It is made up of a mixture of skills and backgrounds but every team member has one thing in common - they are all dedicated to giving excellent service to clients.

Open Caxton fx account

Caxton FX provides free currency reports which have in-depth commentary across sterling, euro, US dollar, Aussie and New Zealand dollar currency movements. These trending reports allow you to assess the current currency markets so you can make an informed decision when to purchase your currency.

The Morning Report is sent to you each weekday by 10 am (GMT) and features closing currency prices, current interest rates, and daily economic announcements. The Weekly Analysis is sent to you every Monday morning, listing the week’s economic announcements and forecasting their impact on the market

Caxton FX is one of the UK's leading international payment and foreign exchange providers for you and for your business. Foreign exchange services with Caxton FX offers a fee-free international money transfer service together with competitive exchange rates, CaxtonFX offers no transfer charges and CaxtonFX provides direct access to an experienced currency analyst to ensure you get the best information.

Caxton FX service is designed to streamline your international payment needs and save you money compared to your local bank. CaxtonFX Online payments are available for amounts of £100 to £20,000 completely free of charges and to almost any destination in the world.

Rupert Lee-Browne Chief Executive?

Rupert Lee-Browne is the Chief Executive of Caxton FX, Rupert was a management consultant for financial and media groups as well as involvement in successful start-ups in media and IT. In 2002, Rupert was instrumental in the successful IPO of a financial services group and in 1999 he raised several million pounds to launch the first major online supply-chain management system for the hospitality industry. Rupert is a frequent keynote speaker at a number of industry conferences and a regular commentator on broadcast media. A graduate of London University, Rupert lives in Chelsea with his wife and young son.

Whether you are buying property abroad, sending money to a family member or paying suppliers Caxton FX currency exchange services can help you obtain the best rate available and make the process quick and easy.

CaxtonFX Currency Options - Another way of managing future currency exposure is to buy an option. CaxtonFX Currency Options allows you to choose whether to trade at the option rate or the rate on the day. A premium is required to enter into CaxtonFX Currency Options contracts.

James Hickman. Managing Director?

James began his financial career at Williams de Broe as an investment manager and subsequently joined Brewin Dolphin IM as Senior Divisional Director. As part of his role, he was Chairman of the Asset Allocation Committee and was responsible for managing over £100m of client funds. He was lured away to join Caxton FX in May 2003 and brought with him a wealth of private client management experience. He lives in Surrey and has four young children.

CaxtonFX Spot Contract - If you are looking to transfer currency within the immediate future, a CaxtonFX spot contract could be for you. The currency rate quoted on the day is the price you will receive. This is suitable for single and regular payments.

CaxtonFX Forward Contract - If you have future currency exposure, a CaxtonFX Forward Contract could be for you. You can exchange currency at a fixed rate on a date in the future, up to one year in advance. Usually, a deposit is required. For more information on how to manage your exposure, please speak to CaxtonFX Forward Contract team.

Get the best exchange rates with CaxtonFX money transfer services and get more for your money, with bank-beating international foreign exchange rates you won’t find anywhere else - Make sure you get the best exchange rates by using CaxtonFX.

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