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ClearFX Currency Exchange Broker

Currency exchange process

ClearFX, International money transfer with ClearFX - You get the best rate guarantee & pay no fees. Secure foreign exchange; send money overseas. Transfer money now and start saving!

At ClearFX the process of transferring money easy.

1. Sign up with ClearFX
2. Then log in and request a currency rate
3. Confirm your deal and payee details with ClearFX
4. Transfer payment to ClearFX
5. ClearFX transfers your funds to the recipient you specified

Please note that ClearFX does not handle cash transfers (this means there needs to be a bank account where we can send the money to).

ClearFX help you take advantage of movements in currency markets by providing you with a full suite of tools and resources to manage your transactions effectively and conveniently.

ClearFX makes transferring your funds internationally a safe, secure and easy experience. Our established processes are easy to understand and our best rate guarantee and no-fees-policy can save you substantial amounts when you transfer money.

ClearFX Currency Exchange Broker

Your own ClearFX dedicated dealer?
As soon as you sign up with ClearFX they will assign you a dedicated foreign exchange dealer who, along with our team of experts, is always on hand to respond to your inquiries and assist with your foreign exchange needs by phone or email.

Every ClearFX dealer has extensive experience in all types of international money transfers and can offer comprehensive and clear advice every step of the way. This experience is matched by our firm commitment to providing you with the best level of customer service. ClearFX offer a simple solution to make your foreign exchange transfers safe, secure and easy.

Your Money Safe with ClearFX
ClearFX is a trading name of OzForex, an Australian company with 10 years experience in the foreign exchange markets and over 100,000 customers globally. OzForex is a strategic investment of Macquarie Bank, Accel Partners, and the Carlyle Group.

OzForex has an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 226484) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It is a requirement of this license that OzForex maintains prescribed surplus liquid fund balances at all times.

OzForex is also regulated by AUSTRAC as a designated remittance provider under the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2006.

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