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Currency Index Review - Money Overseas Payments with CurrencyIndex

Currency exchange process

Currency Index was formed in 2008 by Robin Haynes and Tom Arnold who are both the founding Directors of Currency Index.

In 2009, Currency Index became one of the first currency brokers to become an Authorised Payment Institution under FSA regulations, and since that time we have been quoted many times in the news regarding regulation in the industry.

Buying and transferring your currency with Currency Index is fast, simple and secure. The first step to using our service is to complete the registration form below, which carries no cost or obligation.

About Currency Index

Save on international transfers by using Currency Index?
If you need to buy or sell currencies then you need to ensure that you secure a good rate of exchange. There are many companies offering to exchange your currencies pairs internationally but Send Money Home can say you will save some pennies using Currency Index.

Currency Index Review

Currency Index is committed to providing excellent customer services when it comes to meet all your needs in foreign exchange. Currency Index was established in the year 2008 and is renowned for providing superb exchange rates, and a very professional yet friendly international transfer services.

Clients of Currency Index get specialized services like personal international transfer broker, better rates than banks, and dynamic trading currencies options, to protect them from risks related to volatile currencies trading.

Furthermore, with Currency Index, your transaction is safe and protected. The organization is totally transparent when it comes to pricing. You should keep in mind that when Currency Index quote an exchange rate, then it is devoid of any fees or hidden charges. Their service is meant for customer satisfaction and convenience. So, you call up your personal dealer as many times to get information on the latest exchange rate quote or details on the money markets.

With Currency Index, you always get a peace of mind after entering into any transaction. By taking the advice of the experts, you can be ascertained that you will get the best deal on your transaction, and also the best of all exchange rates. You can breathe free that your money is in safe hands.

Currency Index foreign exchange rates

And the lists of benefits do not end here. There’s an overseas regular payment plan also under which you can pay a mortgage, college or school fees or for that matter any other foreign expenses. All you need to do is to set up the instruction of standing order and the rest will be done by Currency Index. This means that you get to transfer funds, get exclusive and better exchange rates, transfer without paying any extra hidden charges, and you also need not worry about the dilemma and expense of each month payment arrangements with an overseas regular payment plan.

To be precise, it can be said that Currency Index is a money transfer and foreign exchange specialist that provides its customers with not only world-class services but also the best exchange rate, fast money transfers without any hidden extra charges. These very qualities and services give Currency Index foreign exchange rates a class of its own and make it one of the best organizations around the globe.

So, when you are going to Currency Index foreign exchange rates you are choosing the right way. It provides you with the ease and comfort of money transaction. So, you are enjoying a tension free transaction try Currency Index foreign exchange rates services.
Heavy Plant Machinery Dealer

"I have been transferring money to Europe for the last 5 years now, using my local bank then I came across currency index whose exchange rate and transfer fee were much better than my local bank, their personal touch and handling of my transfers makes it so simple for me to send funds to my suppliers on time."

Customer Reviewed Comments

Import Agent
"Currency Index has made my foreign exchange transactions a great deal easier since switching to their service. Personable, reliable, good rates and efficient service... can’t ask for much more than that."

Property Investment Agent
"Currency Index has always provided a simple and cost-effective service for all my currency transfers. I have always found the team to be knowledgeable and helpful with any queries I may have, I highly recommend their services."

Kent - David Butler
"I can honestly say that the service I have received has been second to none.I would genuinely recommend them to anybody looking to move monies around, whether it be a large or small transaction, the service you receive is consistent throughout no matter the amount. If you are looking for a company that delivers exactly what it promises then look no further."

Carol Merchant
"Currency Index have my sincerest recommendation; the 2 transactions required recently to purchase our house in Crete were easy, calm, smooth & fuss-free in the extreme - a complete contrast to the company we had dealt with previously; the staff is also extremely pleasant."

Judith Whitfield
"We used Currency Index to make payments for our wedding in Mallorca and found the rates significantly better than any of the high street banks which was really important to us with the weak pound. We made several payments over a three month period and saved enough money to pay for a few extras including an upgrade to the honeymoon suite!"

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