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How does GlobalWebPay work

How does GlobalWebPay work?

  1. You register online with Global Web Pay
  2. You set up payment instruction(s) on the Global Web Paysite
  3. You provide us with the money you wish to send
  4. We then make the payment(s) on your behalf to your chosen recipient
  5. Funds are typically received by the recipient within 3 working days but often the next working day

Which countries can I send money from?
Currently, Global Web Payonly allow UK residents to send money and we only allow GBP into our UK collection account(s). Global Web Pay have plans for 2011 to expand our coverage to other European countries and we will keep customers informed on this website.

Which countries can I send money to?

You can send money in local currency using GlobalWebPay to the following countries

Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Cyprus
The Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany
Greece Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland
United Kingdom United States

How does GlobalWebPay work

How do I provide GlobalWebPay with the money that I wish to send?
Payment methods vary depending on the country. You will be able to use one or more of the following payment methods

  • Local bank transfers (typically up to 3 working days)
  • UK Faster Payments bank internet transfers sent before mid-day should reflect the same day otherwise next day
  • BACS can be up to 3 working days)
  • Debit card (instant)

Global Web Pay will provide you with the appropriate bank details and a unique reference number required when making instant and local bank transfers,

What type of money transfer is it?
It is a bank to bank transfer. You provide GlobalWebPay with the money you wish to send, using a debit card or local bank transfer. Once Global Web Pay have received the funds, Global Web Pay make a bank transfer on your instruction to the recipient using the most appropriate GlobalWebPay account.

Why does “Envoy Services” appear on the recipient’s bank statement?
When you find your order via a bank transfer, Global Web Pay ask you to send the funds to a bank account owned by “Envoy Services” – hence the Account Name we provide is “Envoy Services Ltd” – not GlobalWebPay.

How long does it typically take for my money to arrive?
If Global Web Pay receive the money you wish to send before 14:00 GMT (or BST), the recipient should typically receive the money the next working day. However, in some instances, it can take up to 3 working days. Transfers could take longer as a consequence of the following three factors: deposit method, bank cut off times and clearing cycles of recipient banks.

GlobalWebPay Payment Methods

Deposit Method

  • Local bank transfer
  • UK Faster Payments bank internet transfers sent before mid-day should reflect the same day otherwise next day
  • BACS can be up to 3 working days)
  • Debit card (instant)

Bank Cut Off Times

  • Payments Global Web Pay receive before 14:00 GMT will be processed the same day
  • Payments Global Web Pay receive after 14:00 GMT will be processed the next day

Recipient Bank Clearing Times

  • Banks should reflect transfers the same day they receive them
  • However, in some cases, banks will reflect transfers next day

Can I transfer money from one currency to another?
You can provide GlobalWebPay with the money you wish to send in your local currency and Global Web Pay will convert it to the recipient’s local currency. This is known as foreign exchange.

How do I know what exchange rate I am receiving?
Before you make a payment, Global Web Pay provide you with a table showing:

  • The amount of currency you are sending
  • How much currency the recipient expects to receive
  • The foreign exchange rate you will receive
  • The transaction fees you will be charged
  • You can use the cost calculator tool to help you to work out how much you need to send and how much will arrive.

Review Global Web Pay

If you are funding the payment using a bank transfer (rather than a debit card) it is crucial that you send the required funds to GlobalWebPay – as per the payment instructions – there and then. Any delay may mean the foreign exchange rate cannot be guaranteed. Your rate is a quote that lasts for up to 3 days from order to receipt of funds.
After that Global Web Pay may register the payment as “Expired” since exchange rates can change quite significantly day to day. In this case, you will need to review the payment in your GlobalWebPay account and then re-order the payment at the then active exchange rate.

What is the difference between a foreign exchange fee, spread, and rate?
The foreign exchange rate is the equivalent of one currency when converted into another currency. Foreign exchange is any flat fee charged by a provider to convert money from one currency to another. Foreign exchange spread is the margin that providers apply either side of the foreign exchange rate they receive. They do this to protect themselves from fluctuations in foreign exchange rate when converting money from one currency to another on behalf of their customers.

Why are there no recipient fees, if it’s an international bank transfer?
Expensive recipient fees are generally charged on international transfers where the recipient bank has to convert the money into their domestic currency. To ensure this does not happen, GlobalWebPay converts the money into the domestic currency first, and then sends it onwards to the recipient bank. Consequently, no recipient fees should be charged.

Account features and limits

Account features and limits - How much can I transfer, and how often?
Your account limits are linked to your account level. You can make unlimited payments up to and not exceed the total monthly value of your account. To find out your account level, please view your account profile for more details.

Account Level Transaction Fee Account Limit
Introductory User £4.75 Transfers up to a total of £500 from a bank account with up
to £255 from a debit card (minimum transfer of £15)

Standard Account £4.75 Unlimited transfers up to a monthly value of £10,000 with up
to £1,005 per day from a debit card. (minimum transfer of £15)

Can I upgrade my account and increase my limits?
To obtain a Standard Account login and navigate to your profile page. Click on the upgrade option and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that you may need to provide additional documentation to obtain a Standard Account. You can upgrade your account at activation or at any time thereafter.

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