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HiFX Limited Review by Send Money Home editors

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Save time by sending your international money transfers with HiFX also get quotes. So make transfers and track payments wherever you have access to the internet. Manage your international money transfers when it suits you and benefits from. Plus get highly competitive online foreign exchange rates saving you money on each and every transfer.

No hidden fees. – total transparency and the lowest fees around saving you money on each and every transfer you make.
A variety of payment methods. including a debit card. Credit card and electronic wire transfers to suit your requirements.

No transfer fees for amounts of £3,000 and above. £9 for amounts below £3,000.
This does not include the cost of you transferring the funds to HiFX. and any charges incurred where the funds being sent are in a different currency to the destination bank account.

Make a transfer?
HIFX Manage your account 24/7 whenever it suits you with HiFX Online you simply log in to your account to get a quote before transferring your currency to accounts worldwide. When making a transfer you’ll automatically receive an email with the details of the transaction for your records and complete peace of mind.

HIFX Review

Track the progress of your payment?
When you want to track the progress of your transactions and view any actions you are required to take, simply log in to HiFX Online. There’s even a handy diary function that keeps track of when all your payments are due and tell you what actions you are required to take. Best of all you can keep track of transactions and manage your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Manage the accounts you pay regularly?
HiFX Online you can set up and save the details of multiple recipients saving you time and making it even easier when making payments in the future. Access your complete account history online with HiFX. Looking for a particular transaction? Review your full account history and see a summary of all your payments online. All transaction documentation is available for you to save on your computer or can be printed if you need a hard copy.

Choose how you pay using HiFX?
HiFX accepts a wide variety of payment methods. HiFX Online accepts a wide range of debit cards. And credit cards and you can also make payments to HiFX via electronic transfer (BACS and CHAPS) See below.

HIFX – One Of The Leading Currency Brokers in the United Kingdom.

HIFX is one of the largest and most well-known currency brokers in the UK. And each year they help more than 75,000 people and 5,000 businesses transfer money quickly. Easily, securely and at bank-beating exchange rates, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To date, they have transferred more than £120 billion!

So to help ensure that they deliver what their clients would hope for. And expect from one of the world’s leading international payments provider, they have developed the HiFX four-point promise.


Fair and consistent rates?
Their exchange rates are consistently competitive. So you can trust them to save you money on each and every transfer you make.

An efficient, secure payments service you can rely on?
Whenever you use HiFX, you’ll benefit from one of the fastest, simplest and most secure payment services there is.

Expert, friendly help?
HiFX commits to delivering world-class customer service. They are large enough to undertake the biggest transfers. Yet small enough to care about each and every transaction that their customers undertake with them. It is this proactive and personal service that underpins their success.

Consistent innovation: useful new services that make things easier and more convenient. HiFX continues to invest to help make transfers stress-free for their customers. They are proud to have pioneered many of the practices and techniques that have become standard in the industry.

What do their customers think?
Most noteworthy, With more reviews than any other currency specialist on Trustpilot. Also The independent review specialist. HiFX has a 5-star rating and an average of 9.5/10 from more than 6000 verified reviews.

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