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HSBC Foreign Exchange Rates

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HSBC Foreign Exchange department can help you plan against foreign exchange risk were the most common cause of foreign exchange risk relates to receiving foreign currency for your exports or when making overseas payments for your imports that are priced in a foreign currency.

For example, suppose you are importing $100,000 worth of stock from a supplier in the Far East in three months time. If you simply wait and buy your US dollars in three months when you need to make payment, you have no idea how much that stock will cost you in sterling terms because of FX fluctuations.

Failing to protect against movements in foreign exchange rates effectively means buying or selling without having agreed on a price in sterling. Can you afford to leave it to chance?

Exposure to foreign exchange risk can also arise from:

- Foreign currency borrowing or deposits
- Overseas subsidiaries
- Assets located overseas.

HSBC Foreign Exchange protection is an essential service for:

- Importers and exporters of goods and services
- Owners of overseas assets, joint ventures or partnerships
- Group companies and subsidiaries in more than one country.

How to get HSBC Foreign Exchange Rates protection

HSBC foreign exchange rates specialist currency team will work with you to develop a four point plan to help minimise your foreign exchange risk and protect your profitability.

- Understand your exposures
- Understand the solutions
- Develop a strategy
- Implement your plan.

How to buy currency with HSBC

You need to be an existing customer of HSBC and have a bank account, You can then arrange a currency transfer over the phone or by visiting a local HSBC branch.

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