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International Foreign Exchange reviewed

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International Foreign Exchange Open Account

Whether a corporate or private client as an International Foreign Exchange client you will have your own dedicated consultant so whenever you call you know who you will be speaking to every time and they will take time to understand your specific needs and priorities working for you with this in mind.

International Foreign Exchange provides continuity and consistency of service with a clear understanding of your requirements where International Foreign Exchange is best placed to help you minimise your risks, optimise your position, reduce your costs and save money in both the short and long term.

Tailored service

By combining specialist foreign exchange expertise with a clear understanding of your circumstances, International Foreign Exchange are able to provide the strategies that will give you the most appropriate solution for your needs, with the least cost, stress and inconvenience.

Optimise exchange rates

As a specialist foreign exchange consultancy, International Foreign Exchange is able to offer clients access to wholesale exchange rates not offered by your regular bank. And unlike your bank, International Foreign Exchange do not charge any additional fees or commissions on your rate of exchange.

Flexible settlement

Most banks and currency organisations demand immediate settlement for Spot trades. Through our international banking partners, International Foreign Exchange is able to offer flexible settlement terms to help you manage your cashflow more effectively.

Fast, convenient delivery

Unlike your bank, International Foreign Exchange does not require separate instructions for the conversion and transfer of funds. International Foreign Exchange expedites all your currency transfers through our international banking partners. As a result, International Foreign Exchange is able to deliver same day to your nominated bank in Europe and the United States.

International Foreign Exchange is committed to providing a focused, premium service that combines a depth of experience and expertise with world-class trading systems, flexible and highly personal account management capabilities, and stringent standards of governance and compliance.

International Foreign Exchange will always take the time to understand your concerns, needs and priorities, and will work closely with you to develop and execute the best strategies to meet them.

International Foreign Exchange priorities:

- Individual attention from your dedicated expert consultant
- Accurate and timely market information and analysis
- Lower margins and consistent cost savings for our clients