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TTT Moneycorp reviewed

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TTT Moneycorp Competitive live foreign exchange rates. First of all, Moneycorp real-time access to over 100 currency pairs rates of exchange plus request a quotation whenever the markets are open and receive full support from TTT Moneycorp expert dealing team where all foreign exchange transactions are recorded and the reporting features allow you to account for and export foreign exchange deals conducted.

  • Access competitive real-time exchange rates whenever the markets are open.
  • Choose from over 100 currency pairs to suit your business needs.
  • Review and search for historical foreign exchange transactions.
  • Receive market updates and full telephone support from our expert Dealing Team at the optimum time to buy currency.

  • Holding Accounts in up to 40 currencies?
    TTT Moneycorp allows you to maintain Holding Accounts in different currencies, as well as multiple accounts in the same currency. This service enables you to eliminate currency risk by holding balances on the account and converting funds at the optimum time.

You can also assign specific currency accounts to different users within your organisation or by the regional office. This enables you to make instant transfers between your accounts and manage group treasury functions with control.

Holding Accounts are free to set-up and operate.

  • Maintain Holding Accounts in multiple currencies for free
  • Manage currency risk and convert funds at a time that suits you
  • Manage treasury functions and assign accounts to specific users/regional offices

  • Streamlined payment processing?

Consequently, TTT Moneycorp enables you to store and manage all your beneficiary details in one place and automatically checks your transfer instruction for errors prior to sending the payment. This saves businesses time and means that inputting errors are identified and addressed before payments are sent. Beneficiary details can readily be recalled enabling you to make a number of payments simultaneously in a fast, efficient and convenient environment.

Moneycorp Review

  • Check beneficiary details using our fully integrated bank validation tool.
  • Save or amend beneficiary details for future use.
  • Send payments immediately or schedule for future release.
  • Make payments by the fastest means possible using SWIFT. Our transfer fees are some of the lowest around.
  • Receive payments by EFT, CHAPS, BACS or Bill Payment.

  • Bank account validation?

The integrated TTT Moneycorp bank validation tool enables you to access a comprehensive database of global bank information from your pc and will scan your payment for errors automatically before they occur. This saves you time and will help you to avoid costly payment delays.

Access a comprehensive database of global bank data.
Validate your payment instructions for errors at the point of entry.

  • Beneficiary email notifications?
    Consequently, Whenever you initiate a payment. Since can choose to send your supplier an email informing them the funds are on the way. This useful tool not only provides visibility into your payments. But can also help to improve supplier relations and reduces the burden on your accounts payables team.

  • Send proof of payment email notifications to your beneficiaries.

  • Multiple payment approval levels?

Payment initiation and payment approval rights can be assigned to different users within your organisation. And an integrated audit log will allow you to monitor user activity. Payments can be reviewed and approved for release individually or by batch so that you can delegate responsibility for control.

  • In addition, Separate payment initiation and payment approval rights.
  • Approve payments individually or by batch.

Moneycorp Foreign Exchange Services

  • Secure rights-driven access?

Online controllable user permissions are a key feature of TTT Moneycorp. Since can delegate specific tasks to other users while retaining overall control. Payment initiation and payment approval rights can be separated. And an integrated audit log will allow you to monitor user activity. And exported directly to your own accounting applications for further analysis. 128-bit encryption and automatic time-out sessions safeguard your information at all times. Payment information is confidential.

  • Also, Delegate specific tasks to users whilst retaining control.
  • View an integrated audit log to monitor user activity.
  • 128-bit encryption and automatic timeout sessions safeguard your information.

  • Powerful reporting tools?

Especially relevant, Get real-time information on your accounts, payments and transactions. You can search by a number of criteria. And build customised reports to print or export to other applications for reconciliation purposes.

  • Also, View your account balance for each of your accounts in real-time 24/7.
  • Build customised statements for each of your accounts.
    -  Search for account debits and credits as well as payment and foreign exchange transactions using detailed criteria.
  • Select the relevant payment or foreign exchange transaction to display expanded narrative for further information.
  • Review historical account activity as far back as you wish.
  • Receive real-time notification of transaction queries and track payments every step of the way.

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