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Send Money using Moneygram reviewed

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Moneygram is a safe Way To Send Money Abroad

Thanks to the online banking facilities and convenience of ATM, debit and credit cards, there are multiple ways to send money abroad. Besides the banks that offer services to send money abroad, some private businesses have also ventured into the field. One such service that has been recognised as a convenient way to send money overseas is that provided by Money Gram.

The Money Gram service works closely with 'specially chosen agents' in more than 260,000 locations across 192 countries and territories. So you can send MoneyGram to your loved ones and business partners worldwide. When you choose to send money gram you can ensure that your money quickly gets to the place where it is required.

Moneygram Review

If the next question on your mind is ‘how can I send money abroad via MoneyGram, here are the simple steps that you need to follow: Moneygram

- Find a Money Gram agent in your city – the official website for MoneyGram gives you the contact details for Money Gram agents in different counties and their cities.
- Show a valid proof of identity to your agent – this could be a driving license, passport, national identity card or any government-issued photo ID card.
- Fill up a simple 'send money gram' form and give this to the Money Gram agent with the money that you want to send along with a transfer fee. You can also include a free 10-word message for the intended recipient or beneficiary.
- You will get a reference number from the agent.
- Contact the beneficiary who needs to receive the money and give him/her the reference number. In just about 10 minutes the money is ready to collect (as per the receiving Money Gram agent’s availability and hours of operation in the other country).

A lot of people send a money gram to send money to the UK and other countries. Though it involves a substantial transfer fee, it is regarded a convenient way to transfer money internationally. To know about alternative ways to send money abroad, visit:

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