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Rationalfx review - currency exchange payments

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Rationalfx for Property & mortgage payments?

Looking to buy a home overseas to start a new life or perhaps to buy a holiday home? So whether you are relocating or buying a property it is likely that you will need to make overseas mortgage payments, so it will be important that you choose a currency provider who can offer you a highly competitive exchange rate and will be able to plan for payments in the future which will protect you from fluctuations in the market.

In addition to RationalFX, you can make a forward time option that will allow you to fix a favourable exchange rate for up to two years. First of all which is an ideal solution when it comes to managing regular mortgage payments.

Consequently the current average value of an overseas property around GBP - 90,000, EUR - 100,000 or USD - 150,000, it is worth considering your options, as making your international payments through a bank could result in the transfer costing you as much as GBP - 2500, EUR - 2750 or USD - 4000 on top of any transfer fees due to a poor exchange rate being offered

Rationalfx Review

Rationalfx Corporate dealer desk
Most noteworthy, Rationalfx strength lies in the vast knowledge and expertise of our foreign exchange dealers, who you will be able to meet to discuss your currency requirements and will help you to formulate the best FX strategy to help you avoid fluctuations in the FX market. In addition to this, you will get settlement and delivery reports for all your transactions and scheduled market updates which will be based on key financial data.

  • Rationalfx established in 2005, privately held, debt-free and profitable.
  • Authorised by FSA (UK Gov official body) as a payments institution.
  • Over $2Billion transferred.
  • First Rationalfx broker with an Online Payments System.
  • Around 20,000 private client and business customers.
  • Owners of Xendpay, the money transfer website.
  • Member of SWIFT - RFXLGB2L.
  • Shirt sponsors of Birmingham City 2011/2012 Season.
  • Offices in London, Birmingham and France.

Rajesh Agrawal – Chairman and CEO

Mr Rajesh Agrawal is the Managing Director and founder of RationalFX and has over ten years of experience in currency risk management and commercial foreign exchange. In 2011. Mr Rajesh scooped the Young Entrepreneur Award at the 36th Asian Who's Who Awards. In addition, Mr Agrawal has been also nominated for several awards including Asian Achievers Awards and Lloyds TSB KPMG Awards for Business and Commerce. Furthermore, Rajesh Agrawal holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Marketing and an MBA in IT & Marketing.

Especially relevant, Amount Transferred Average Cost Transfer Cost - Total Cost.

Average Bank - €1000 @1.10 = £909.09 £20 charge = £929.09.
Currency company €1000 @1.14 = £877.19, No charge £0 = £877.19 - Total Monthly Saving = £51.90.

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