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Regular Overseas Payment Plan - Send Money Home Regularly

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Regular Overseas Payment Plan.There are many reasons why you may need to transfer funds overseas on a regular basis. Send Money Home Regularly can be for things such as Mortgage Payments, Pension Transfers, Salary Payments. Rental Income, School Fees and Property maintenance / Bills

Above are some of the most common reasons for making a regular overseas payment. But having the time to visit your bank each month. On top of paying high transfer fees and commissions on top is both an inconvenience and an unwanted expense.

This is where the Regular Overseas Payment plans can help!!

The regular overseas payment plan removes all of the hassles from the process. And we guarantee that the cost of sending your regular payments will be reduced. All it takes to set the process up is to complete the regular Overseas Payment Plan Form and set up a Standing Order with your bank or building society and then and your payments will happen automatically and run like clockwork.

How we save you money?
No International Transfer Fees. The majority of high street banks will charge between £15 and £30 for each international transfer that you proceed with. Most currency companies there is no charge for your regular transfer. The savings made on Regular Overseas Payment Plans compared to the high street bank can be between £180 and £360 per year and that’s just on telegraphic transfer fees alone.

Regular Overseas Payment Plan

Better Exchange Rates?
Many of the high street banks will charge up to 10% on the exchange rate for each international money transfer. Regular Overseas Payment Plans we will guarantee to save you money on the exchange rates compared to the high street banks.

No Commission
There are no commission charges or hidden fees so you get the best rates and make the biggest savings.

If you are not already a client you will first need to register as a client in order for you to benefit from this service. You can open an account

How does it work?

  • Once we have received your completed Overseas Payment Details Form. Your personal account manager will contact you to discuss your options of having a variable or fixed rate regular payment. Based on your personal circumstances.
  • You can then set up a standing order with your bank or building society. And the funds will be transferred directly to and then transmitted in foreign currency to the account that you have specified.
  • Your standing order is also flexible so if you wish to change the amount you are sending. They can adjust it accordingly for your next payment. As a client, we will update you by e-mail after each transfer with a proof of payment and also a confirmation of the rate and the amount that has been sent to you.

The 4 easy steps to set up your regular transfer

Four Steps.

1.) Register to set up your trading account so that we can trade on your behalf.
2.) Complete Overseas Payment Details Form.
3.) Return your forms with a copy of either your Driving License or Passport as a proof of signature.
4.) Speak to your Personal Account Manager to put in place either a variable or fixed regular payment. And then set up a standing order with your bank or building a society to transfer the amount.

If you decide to start your payment plan on a variable payment. You have the flexibility to change it to a fixed plan at any time. We will also keep you informed of positive rate movements. So you have the opportunity to fix your rate at advantageous levels.

Example of the savings of using currency exchange company?

                                                                 Amount Transferred             Average Cost            Transfer Cost   -          Total Cost

Average Bank €1000 @1.10 = £909.09 £20 £929.09
Currency company €1000 @1.14 = £877.19 £0 £877.19 - Total Monthly Saving = £51.90.

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