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Smart Currency Exchange reviewed

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Payment values can range from as little as £100 to many £1,000,000's. Smart Currency Exchange covers over 20 currencies and can make international transfers to or receive from anywhere in the world. The Smart Currency Exchange Team are able to save clients money by having a direct relationship with the trading floor of an international bank and, given the volume traded each day, Smart Currency Exchange gets exceptional rates and service. 

How will Smart benefit you?
Smart Currency Exchange offers better-than-bank money exchange rates, a quick registration process, hassle-free currency and transfer operations AND free resources to help you make the best decisions with your international transfers. All in all by using Smart. Save money and avoid the risk of a payment increasing!

How does Smart create savings for their clients?
Rather than you having to accept an uncompetitive rate from your bank, a Smart Trader will call the currency trading floors directly to negotiate an excellent rate on your behalf. In many cases, a specialist is able to get rates that are 4% better than offered by a bank. On a £100,000 this can equate to a whopping £4,000 saving. In addition to better rates, Smart Transfers know and understand the payment system and can often eliminate or reduce the various fees associated with international transfers.

Smart Currency Exchange Review

How does Smart Currency Exchange make money?
Similar to the bank, Smart Currency takes a margin between the buy and sell rate of the currency. However, the margin taken by Smart is far less than the one taken by the bank.

What bank does Smart use when exchanging and transferring funds and how safe is that bank?
Since client funds are held separately in segregated client accounts with the Bank of Ireland in the United Kingdom. With whom we have had a business relationship since 2004. All client funds go into a client account in the Bank of Ireland (est. 1782). And are exchanged and transferred out immediately upon receipt of cleared funds. (Note: Accounts are set up in accordance with the FSA regulations).

Does Smart charge commission on the money I want to purchase?
In addition, Smart is one of the few currency organisations in the UK where the currency traders are not paid on commission. When the directors set up the company, in an effort to ensure that clients not only get a great service but to actually receive the best possible rates. The owners set up a business model that enables teamwork and the greatest good for the client.

Is there a minimum amount that I can exchange?
Smart Currency Exchange has no transfer limit so no transfer is too small.

How long does it take to set up a Smart account?
Smart’s systems allow for an extremely fast registration process. Completed entirely over the internet. A new client can have a trading facility up and running within 2 hours of applying online.

Why should I use Smart rather than my bank?

The Smart Team consists of foreign exchange and international payment specialists. The staff at your high street bank have neither the expertise or market knowledge necessary to offer you the most competitive exchange rates or to monitor the currency markets on your behalf. Furthermore, Don't pay more than necessary?

Does Smart transfer money for transactions other than for property?
YES! Smart Currency Exchange can assist you with all your money exchange needs including, but not limited to, buying goods or services, commercial purchases (exporting & importing) and so on. However, Smart Currency Exchange speciality is in providing a super added-value service for property buyers.

How can I make sure you're a legitimate company?
Smart Currency Exchange regulated by Customs and Excise (MLR 12198457). To contact Customs and Excise, their direct number is 0845 010 9000. Smart Currency Exchange company number is 5282305. Smart Currency Exchange Ltd is authorised by the Financial Services Authority. Under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN 504509) for the provision of payment services.

How can I feel sure that Smart Currency Exchange will beat my bank rates?
Smart Currency Exchange urges you to call your bank before calling them. By calling your bank or using the bank comparison calculator on the right you can see your savings.

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